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Strategies for Dealing With Exposed Ductwork and Services.

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Exposed ductwork is like the holy grail for industrial types, you've found something that totally speaks your style. Or maybe you're reading this because exposed ductwork isn't your taste, but you are living with it, and you want to find a way to hide the ducts and pipes running through your otherwise great office. The answer lies in one of these solutions:

Paint Them the Color of the Ceiling

If the ceiling's blue, give the ducts and services a matching coat, as shown in the example below. The idea here is to make the ductwork disappear, visually.


Paint Them an Eye-Catching Color

Treat the exposed hardware like an accessory for your offices, and give them a colorful coat of paint that matches something else in the room–or doesn't. This helps to camouflage their industrial side without totally making the ducts disappear. Incorporate your brand colour.


Leave Them Au Natural

Leaving ducts and pipes bare is the most common thing to do–and also the easiest. Just do... nothing. Leave your ductwork just as it comes and enjoy a space that has a raw, industrial vibe.

Image courtesy of IIS Ltd.

Image courtesy of IIS Ltd.

Image courtesy of IIS Ltd.

Image courtesy of IIS Ltd.


Raw and Industrial

Last but not least: Do nothing, concrete and exposed services Interiors: Exposed beams, concrete floors and raw steel are becoming firm favourites.