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How Alpha Mechanical Ltd use Smart Commercial HVAC technology.

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At Alpha Mechanical Mechanical we are using the latest commercial HVAC technology can allow us to determine HVAC issues as and also before they arise and allow building operators to significantly reduce costs.

With smart wifi connected HVAC integrated systems, a major advantage of using these types of technologies is that they we can remotely troubleshoot the heating or cooling system before calling it escalates into a serious issue. On many units, this can be accomplished on both the control panel for the unit and remotely via the mobile app. These devices can monitor the operation of such components as blowers, condensers, compressors, and fans, alerting you to issues before they become hazardous. 

  • Smart HVAC systems allow demand control, by improving the response of systems to the heating, cooling and ventilation needs.

  • Smart systems can also embed, in addition to sensors, learning algorithms in order to better fit with users behaviour or building's use.

  • Another strength of smart systems is their ability to communicate information about their operation, energy consumption, energy efficiency and potential problems.


Intelligent HVAC Systems

We are moving towards an age where technological advances have altered every facet of our lives. The HVAC industry has become one of the fastest technologically evolving industries. Manufacturers have become more innovative in designing heating, cooling, and ventilation products. Commercial HVAC systems and controls are getting smarter and more efficient. 

Commercial building operators are busy and managing a number of competing priorities. Wi-Fi thermostat for commercial buildings. An example here shows a touch-screen thermostat allows for control of a building’s heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) system from anywhere in the world - from within their facility, or via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Integrated HVAC systems

There is a growing trend for HVAC systems that are integrated into the design and construction of a building. This means that HVAC systems are now required to be integrated in a meaningful way with the mechanical systems of a building and consequently into the building management system that controls lighting, water or security. These mechanical systems can be integrated into one point of control and be managed on one panel making it easy and convenient for building owners to monitor energy use.


As the industry embraces smart solutions, systems not only allow users to control their air conditioning units remotely on the smart devices but also help create a program for preventative maintenance. A variety of major HVAC manufacturers sell HVAC units that may be controlled and monitored by an app on a mobile device. With this technology, a network of sensors and touchscreen wi-fi thermostats can continuously monitor and control the ambient temperature throughout the facility and improve the indoor air quality of the building. All the while allowing data to be collected to facilitate a better program of planned preventative maintenance by Alpha Mechanical, this saves on energy bills, reduces overall costs by not heating or cooling beyond requirements and saves on maintenance and/or expensive repairs.

The goal of smart HVAC is to have a system that compiles and utilises all of the data from what’s going on in a building, that keeps everything properly cooled/heated, saves money, and mitigates any issues associated with usage. 

At Alpha Mechanical we are leading the way in using the very latest technology to achieve these goals and reduce costs to you and significantly increase your HVAC performance.

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Alpha Mechanical Services & Contractors are one of The United Kingdom's and Ireland's leading providers of high efficiency commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Services include: new equipment installation & design, repair, replacement and planned preventative maintenance.

We offer a full range of mechanical consulting, installation and maintenance services with expertise in all aspects of commercial and retail HVAC systems. We have our own in-house engineering, fabrication, commissioning and health and safety experts to ensure cost-effective delivery of the highest quality solutions in a zero harm environment.

At Alpha Mechanical Services Ltd. we bring industry leading expertise and cutting edge technology to create uncompromising solutions. Lets work together!